Check-in details for our Ilikai Apartment is as follows



How to get there:

The Ilikai is situated at 1777 Ala Moana Blvd, Waikiki 96815 HI. All taxis will know where it is so you shouldn't have any trouble finding the place from the airport. The taxi fare from the airport is around $25. You can get a bus or van at about $10 per person but it will take a bit longer. Note the van and buses charge less to go back to the airport.


Once at the Ilikai you can take the lifts direct to our apartment #1528 which is situated on the 15th floor and is the first apartment on the left heading toward the sea from the lifts.


Door security code

The security key code to access the room is XXXX (will be advised)


Note that the Ilikai hotel runs independently from the privately owned apartments such as ours so there is no room service and as previously advised there is no housekeeping service.


Wireless Internet

We have free internet available but you will need your own laptop if you wish to access it. The internet login (SSID) is Max and the password is Ilikai1528


Trash station

There is a trash collection room to deposit any rubbish on the 15th floor which is the first room past the lifts off the hallway to the left.


Ice maker

The free icemaker is on the 4th floor - in the 4th floor laundry room which is at the end of the corridor near the lifts.



The laundry has a washing machine and drier and is at the end of the corridor past the lifts. It is operated with quarters (25 cent coins).



Valet parking under the hotel is about $25 per day but cheaper metered all day parking is available directly behind the Ilikai Hotel.



Our cleaner - Jean Riley

Our cleaner can be contacted  (Jean Riley ) mob 808 358 8954


Air-conditioning unit

On rare occasions the air-conditioning unit may stop working due to power surge or overloading. In this instance the unit can be reset by pressing the power reset button fuse which is located on the wall in the kitchen in the power box. Note the AC unit operates most efficiently when used on LOW or MEDIUM COOL settings.


Useful links

There is a link to info that may be useful on our website HERE



Let me know if you require more information.



Hope you have a great trip.


If you have problems you can call Suzanne on +64210304078 or +64210514378 (Max)